Lower Intermediate - Trip to the tailor

July 6th, 2011 7 comments
Getting 'thobes', suits and dresses tailor-made is a common occurrence in the Middle-East. You see tailors and fabric shops everywhere. However, you need to know how to deal with these tailors in Arabic and therefore you should listen to this podcast!

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Tue 12th Jul 11@12:07 am

شكرا جزيلا لهذا الدرس

Tue 12th Jul 11@03:23 am

What is the difference between the word من فضلك and the word that was used in this lesson for please?
Ehab says chat
Tue 12th Jul 11@08:25 am

I guess you mean the difference between (min fa9'lek من فضلك) and (law sama7t لو سمحت). The phrase (min fa9'lek من فضلك) is used like when you say in English (do me a favour please), while the phrase (law sama7t لو سمحت) literally means (if you permit-allow) like in being polite to ask for something. So both can be used instead of each other when you want a favour or to ask for something.
Wed 13th Jul 11@04:02 am

Thanks so much! That's exactly what I was trying to say.smile
chazyouwin says chat
Fri 15th Jul 11@04:18 am

Bit of irony in this lesson. Some of the finest shirts I see on the shelves at our local Brooks Brothers are made of Egyptian قطنية. And, have never heard of any mens' clothes made of القماش ياباني.
psibear says chat
Fri 9th Sep 11@05:13 pm

I believe that silk fabric, perhaps brocade, is still made in Japan and could form part of a men's waistcoat, aside from traditional Japanese garments, although I imagine it would be prohibitively expensive except for the very rich! Aside from at a Shinto ceremony, like yourself, chazyouwin, I've never seen them in shops!
psibear says chat
Fri 9th Sep 11@05:34 pm

They presumably produce cotton fabric as well which would also be expensive so I imagine that the Gulf states are the few places where people might be able to afford it!

By the way, why is there no extra lam in التي and the masculine equivalent? Is there a shaddah in the word?
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Trip to the tailor
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