Lower Intermediate - Tricked

August 9th, 2011 13 comments
You might be tempted into thinking you could win easy money by making the right guess in one of the street tricks you come across, but the possibility of winning is usually close to nil. Tune in to learn plenty of Arabic vocabulary around the subject of street scammers.

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aliyah.m says chat
Wed 10th Aug 11@07:32 pm

This lesson reminds me of the time I was watching this magic show on TV and the magician got close to the screen and told the viewers to pick a card. I chose a card in my mind and wallahi, the magician revealed the very same card that I picked. I have gone over this spectacle several times in my head and have concluded that this was made possible by one of a few ways.

1. Assuming that each viewer chose a different card, the magician would have had to display only 1 universal card which appeared to each separate viewer as their own card. In this case, the Qareen of each of us had to have interjected the image of our own choosing onto the television screen, thereby making it appear to us that the card held up to the screen was the one we had chosen.

2. The Qareen of the magician and the Qareen of the viewers were in collaboration - each Qareen had to have influenced us to choose the same card - meaning, every single viewer had secretly chosen the exact same card and this is the card the magician chose to use.

There are a few more scenarios but this comment could get verry long! The point is, there is no doubt that the magician revealed my card, and there is no way he could have done so without collaboration from our special invisible friends. This is what you call "real" magic.

The ball under the cup is just a trick!
Moshaya says chat
Wed 10th Aug 11@10:33 pm

Fascinating story Aliyah. Thanks for sharing. My take on how it worked is that the magician held the cards in such a way that influenced most viewers to pick the same card, the one card that he wanted to reveal at the end.

But hey, that's just my guess, the invisible friends might have had something to do with it

الله أعلم - Allah a3lam - God knows
aliyah.m says chat
Thu 11th Aug 11@01:30 am

Your hypothesis is also possible Mohamed.. But that raises a question: Since perhaps millions of people tuned in, how could all of us have chosen the exact same card?

aliyah.m says chat
Thu 11th Aug 11@01:49 am

I suspect foul play lol
aliyah.m says chat
Thu 11th Aug 11@06:46 am

Really though, however it was done, I can't deny that it was an amazing spectacle and I'm sure I'll never truly know the secret!
berry says chat
Thu 11th Aug 11@08:57 am

welcome back
na7la says chat
Thu 11th Aug 11@07:24 pm

انتم لا تخدعني. انا فهمت
I guess something is wrong in the first sentence...I wanted to say "you (guys) don't trick me smile Thanks for the correction!

Berry, I am back too... How's tricks? wink
berry says chat
Fri 12th Aug 11@08:45 am

glad toc your pixels.....im enjoying life, and rather busy ,summer is such a fun time in europe.
aliyah.m says chat
Sat 13th Aug 11@06:36 am

@na7la your sentence is correct but it is singular.
linajan says chat
Wed 31st Aug 11@09:30 am

wow very nice
jenkki says chat
Wed 31st Aug 11@01:58 pm

By the way, there's a name for this "trick"... it's called the "Monte", and here's a good display of the trick in action from the show "the real hustle":
Mon 12th Dec 11@09:22 am

I have a couple of questions. You said ھؤلاء is the ism ul ishara for male plural, is it not also for female plural? if it is not then what is the ism ul ishara for female plural.
Second in the last sentence the sentence finishes لا تدعيھم يخدعوك should it not have been يخدعونك?
Ehab says chat
Tue 20th Dec 11@01:33 pm

Ism alishaara (ھؤلاء ) is used in masculine and feminine cases.
As for ya7'da3ooki, yes it is (لا تدعيھم يخدعوك) without noon (ن). Hope that helps.
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