Beginner - Toothpick

September 23rd, 2011 6 comments
On your travels to the Middle East, or North Africa, you are bound to be treated to some Arab hospitality which generally involves some nice, tender, finger-licking meat! Having a toothpick is handy in those situations, so tune in and learn how to ask for one.

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psibear says chat
Sat 24th Sep 11@11:38 pm

Entertaining & informative as always although I was initially confused by the cap with the sound effect of click of a toothpick!

For a modern European, the respectful titles offered in other countries take some getting used to eg I found being addressed as 'father' in Nepal a little embarrassing. I guess it's because, in the modern world youth is celebrated far more than age so it isn't comfortable to be addressed as if we're older than we are! It's probably our loss that we don't respect those who are older and, hopefully, wiser in our pursuit of the next new thing. There is an view that the Victorians invented a certain notion of childhood and commerce in the 50s & 60s went on to create teenagers to create a new market.
Kawzy says chat
Sun 25th Sep 11@05:17 pm

Thanks guys for another perfect, useful lesson. smile
I just noticed that I can view the premium audio transcript without a premium account. Is that an error?
Moshaya says chat
Sun 25th Sep 11@11:23 pm

@Kawzy, thanks very much for reporting the bug with the audio transcript being accessible to non-premium members. This has been fixed now. Hopefully those non-premium members who took advantage of this and kept it quite from us won't be too mad at you grin
Kawzy says chat
Mon 26th Sep 11@02:26 am

laa muskelah, Moshaya smile.
Wed 4th Jan 12@11:34 am

بارك الله فيكم اجمعين
ayaz says chat
Tue 8th Jan 13@10:48 pm

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