Lower Intermediate - Kitchen tools

January 20th, 2012 3 comments
Shops dedicated to selling kitchen utensils are popular sites in some Arab countries. In today's lesson, we teach you how to ask a shop worker whether kitchenware is sold in case you end up in a superstore of some sort.

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vinod says chat
Fri 20th Jan 12@02:58 pm

دلّة – dallah
دلال – dilaal – plural

Metal pot with long curved spout for making Arabic coffee, traditionally used in Saudi Arabia.
Desmond says chat
Sat 21st Jan 12@12:29 am

@ vinod

I suppose the singular form of the word for "coffee pot" sounds like the past tense verb form "dalla" (he showed, he indicated).
vinod says chat
Sat 21st Jan 12@07:52 pm


The verb you mentioned is -
دلّ / يدُلّ على, إلى
dalla / yadullu
A Form I doubled verb with the root – د ل ل

The following words also have the same root -

دلّة – dallah – coffee pot
دلّال – dallaal – broker, middleman
دليل – daleel – guide
تدليل – tadleel – pampering – verbal noun of Form II
مدلَّل – mudallal – pampered – passive participle of Form II
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Kitchen tools
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