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Video - Greetings

January 12th, 2008 12 Comments
We go through a quick dialogue between friends and explain how to greet each other in Arabic. This was our first attempt at a video podcast, so we hope to provide better ones in the future.

afsahzz says
Sat 8th Mar 08@02:10 pm

Nice Work.

But it would have been more easier to memorize the words if u had shown the words written on a cardboard ect..... cool hmm
Ehab says
Mon 10th Mar 08@08:53 am

afsahzz,, thanks for your comment, yes we will consider that, jeep it up with ArabicPod to see the difference.
isma-ael says
Sun 18th May 08@05:48 pm

This kind of tutorial is such a great thing, especially for our Ummah - in particularly for those who are non-native Arabic speakers and want to learn just for the sake of religious matter.

Jazakallahhukairan smile
joe says
Tue 4th Nov 08@04:04 pm

Shukran guys that lesson help alot, am getting better. cool smile
hispec1234 says
Sun 14th Dec 08@08:54 pm

Me too getting better
Arabic Pod

aminmzain says
Wed 4th Feb 09@07:55 am

al arabiah fi maxis. Ahlan wa sahlan
difer21 says
Tue 3rd Mar 09@06:04 pm

really like it!
turksat says
Tue 17th Mar 09@08:46 pm

thats really good thank you very much, and also I agree with afsahzz.
thanks Arabic Pod
Mon 23rd Mar 09@09:18 am

Hi its jessica alba:D the shows r ok but i dnt understand anything :S arabic sounds like chinese :S thnks 4 the lesson shuchram
jookieapc says
Sun 28th Jun 09@09:39 am

This dialogue is really good but there is much more to it than what is subtitled. All the phrases come really really fast when Ehab and Ibrahim greet each other. Are these phrases written in the pdf? With the basic membership I've noticed I'm not permitted to download this pdf which seems strange.

By the way I think the appropriate English term to use when there are word differences is 'dialect'. Accent is the different way words are pronounced but dialect is actually when we use different words.

I like these video lessons - I would love it if you were able to produce more of them even though they must take quite a bit more effort to produce.
Basira says
Sat 2nd Jan 10@08:41 pm

smile very good lesson ! Shukran!
Sun 28th Feb 10@10:46 am

isma3 al salam 3alekum is not religious it is a commonly used phrase in the middle east good work 7abibi bs il shab al tany ma b3ref keef ye7ky 3raby
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