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Video - Didn't like that

July 2nd, 2008 8 Comments
Four guys thinking about doing some sort of activity and one expresses concern over what he has just seen. The conversation between the guys is quite challenging to pick up but fear not as we go through it step by step and break it down. The video comprises of lots of useful vocabulary so tune in and start learning.

Tue 2nd Sep 08@03:13 am

Dear site makers,

this is very iteresting and useful site for me,
and I am very thankful to you

thanking you with regards
Mohammed shani
jurkun says
Mon 20th Oct 08@08:34 pm

thank you site makers,
your are helping me so much.
thanks a lot. best web site ever.
juraj from slovakia
batriaq says
Wed 5th Nov 08@10:25 pm

i that egyptian arabic? "ma" can mean "what" and "no"?
senheiser says
Thu 4th Dec 08@09:40 pm

Awesomeness. Very practical and interesting at the same time.
Wed 31st Dec 08@12:17 am

thank you
Tue 13th Jan 09@04:33 pm

ma can mean "what" or "no"...i have been studying arabic for 2 years now
Fri 15th May 09@09:23 am

I had not yet watch the video..because need more time, and I'm in hurry
and it doesn't matter
I'm sure this video is useful for us
jenkki says
Sun 10th Oct 10@09:25 am

The format of this video lesson is perfect. First the hard part (I guess if you are advanced level, you would only need this part)... just listening to Arabic being spoken in a real life situation. Second the translations. Plus mixing the replays with the explanations... Really well done instruction video! cool smile
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