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Video - Arabic Vowels

June 28th, 2009 7 Comments
Vowels in Arabic come in form of small shapes that appear on top, or underneath letters, and are not part of the actual alphabet. These vowels help you learn how to read Arabic correctly. We go through these vowels and more in this video podcast. Make sure to check the accompanying transcript which has a sample paragraph for you to practise reading.

antjet says
Mon 31st Aug 09@04:28 pm

I just found your arabic learning page and just want to say...THANK YOU SO MUCH guys.
This is the best teaching arabic I have ever seen. You explain it so well and it is so instructive.
Shukran jazilan grin
liimra says
Fri 16th Oct 09@12:09 am

absolutely agree!
Sat 21st Nov 09@05:27 pm

Jazaakallah I liked the style very much.
zyad says
Thu 14th Jan 10@06:19 pm

this is so good thanks a lot for you
adeelajaib says
Thu 21st Jan 10@01:29 am

JazakAllah khair
atef says
Thu 28th Jan 10@05:16 pm

this is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ali151085 says
Tue 17th Aug 10@02:43 pm

May Allah taala bless you for your good work, Very informative and Alhamdulillah I got good knowledge from your all lessons
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