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Video - TV Tunes – Eid Ad

February 2nd, 2010 3 Comments
In today's episode of TV Tunes, we go through an advert that contains a nice and catchy song full of useful vocabulary. By the end of the podcast you should be able to understand the song, but be warned! You might end up singing it all day!

Desmond says
Wed 17th Feb 10@12:53 am

The most remarkable thing about this video is its haunting, dream-like quality. It is original, well-produced and very beautiful.
dubb says
Tue 4th May 10@02:25 pm

I am fighting to see the video.
The broadband connection at my Shanghai hotel
is evidently not the best.
Will comment further upon seeing the video.
Fadla says
Wed 26th May 10@01:13 am

Great lesson!
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