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Video - The Arabic Alphabet

October 20th, 2010 4 Comments
We went out in the great city of London for the day to ask various people to pronounce the Arabic letters. Be sure to watch the outtakes. Enjoy!

berry says
Thu 21st Oct 10@10:52 am

thank you..i was born between london and tower bridge,(on land) and I had forgotten the energy of those places and the synergy of arabic magic with "Londoners"
na7la says
Sun 24th Oct 10@04:22 pm

So cute!! Thanks a lot smile
Leila says
Mon 25th Oct 10@09:22 pm

very enjoyable to watch!
Wed 27th Oct 10@09:13 pm

And who is the adorable little boy pronouncing the"ي" at the end? I suspect I know ... wink Thanks - wonderful idea!
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