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Video - The weather

January 12th, 2008 5 Comments
We take a stroll down the beautiful beach of Brighton and discuss the weather and the sea, so tune in to learn words suitable for such occasions.

adrian says
Mon 24th Mar 08@03:38 am

wonderful!!! I will be getting indepth with my studies of the weather in class in the coming week so this was a good way to refresh from last semester, thank you!!!!
Clearpupil says
Wed 30th Apr 08@01:54 am

That was great - it helped clarify many words for me. Thank you as well!!
akay92 says
Sat 15th Nov 08@11:26 am

good work are the video podcasts Beginer? or Lower intermediate... are they classified with a level?
William says
Mon 9th Feb 09@12:21 pm

These lessons are so full of information. I wish I could spend all my time learning, but unfortunately I have to go to work. hmmm

I think if I visited Morocco, Jordan, or even Egypt, I would be speaking Arabic within one month!
Mon 30th Mar 09@09:04 am

holy shit!!!! i love this movie u would look so good in a bathing suit!!! mayb someday i will walk with you on the beach ehab :D i love u!!!! <3 xoxo
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