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Video - Human Rights

March 19th, 2011 12 Comments
Everyone should be, but unfortunately are not, entitled to fundamental human rights. This problem has contributed to the recent uprisings across the Arab world. In this video podcast, you will hear a prominent figure from the Arab world talk about this subject, and ArabicPod will break down the vocabulary.

Moshaya says
Sat 19th Mar 11@10:09 pm

Below is the link to the full clip from which the monologue in the podcast was taken
na7la says
Sun 20th Mar 11@05:51 pm

You are getting better and better all the time!!!! Fantastic lesson! It is really great that you are teaching us all this important and most useful vocabulary.... thanks also to all the Arabic uprisings wink
jenkki says
Mon 21st Mar 11@09:01 am


I love the format of this lesson! You made a very difficult speech understandable. Bravo!

ravic says
Fri 25th Mar 11@10:04 pm

انا أستطيع ان اكتب باللغة العربية لشكر لكم
يا استاذ محمد
وخبّره دكتور إيهاب شكرا منّي

وهذا الدرس ممتاز, موضوع حقوق الانسان مهم جدا

Mon 28th Mar 11@07:03 pm

Excellent, Mohamed.
plop says
Tue 5th Apr 11@06:59 am

great format of teaching and interesting content - it is a very interesting way to complete your teaching of the language - keep doing this please
chazyouwin says
Wed 22nd Jun 11@01:44 am

Just came across this lesson. Terrific! And since you guys are always asking for lesson ideas, how about a corresponding lesson on a translation of Abe Lincoln's short Gettysburg Address? Or Martin Luther King's "I have a Dream" speech? I Googled the Gettysburg Address and Arabic and it seems someone has done a translation recently, but the link did not work. These are gems in U.S. history and I think they would be very appreciated by your U.S. listeners.
Moshaya says
Wed 22nd Jun 11@07:40 pm

Hey chazyouwin, thanks for the feedback. We will definitely consider your ideas for a video podcast grin
gangutau says
Sat 5th May 12@11:08 am

Just fantastic lesson, please continue guys!!Shukran!!!
saidshaari says
Sun 6th May 12@02:52 am

Fantastic lesson. I wish you use this format also for the regular lessons extracted from different speeches
gangutau says
Sun 6th May 12@10:06 am

by the way,why not using famous Arab songs for lessons?
Imogen says
Mon 9th Sep 13@02:54 pm

I am trying to recover my Arabic of 25 years ago because i am involved in educational projects and I found this podcast very very useful - real Arabic at real speed and then broken down into manageable chunks. Many thanks!
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