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Video - TV Tunes - Talent, Bloopers and Saddam!?

July 31st, 2011 11 Comments
Today we will go through the vocabulary of 3 chosen clips that will entertain you as well as teach you some good Arabic. Plenty of colloquial words in this lesson and the last clip is something that you most certainly have not seen before.

Tue 2nd Aug 11@06:35 pm

Another great video podcast. It's nice to get the vocab beforehand - very helpful. Thanks!
na7la says
Wed 3rd Aug 11@08:57 pm

Excellent video lesson, and nice choice of TV Tunes! I very much enjoyed it, thanks a lot Mohamed and Ehab smile

رمضان كريم بكم!
Moshaya says
Wed 3rd Aug 11@10:47 pm

رمضان مبارك

Thanks for your comments gals. It's been a while since we've heard from either of you. I would be interested to hear how many people find this type of video podcast beneficial, where the vocabulary are explained before watching the clip.
plop says
Sun 7th Aug 11@07:54 am

great stuff - good way to get exposed to the spoken language - interesting exercise thanks
jenkki says
Wed 10th Aug 11@10:03 pm

Mohammed, very cool... more!

By the way, speaking of the Saddam Hussein crime family, did you happen to notice that there is a new movie about his son Uday? "The Devil's Double"...

What do you think everyone, could Mohammed have passed for a double of Uday?
jenkki says
Wed 10th Aug 11@10:05 pm

أو هذه صورة يمكن يشبه محمد أحسن
Moshaya says
Wed 10th Aug 11@10:52 pm

@jenkki, lol maybe I look like him a little
aliyah.m says
Sat 13th Aug 11@07:02 am

The saddam one was especially funny, LOL

PS: we would translate تفتح عقلق as "open your mind" instead of brain.
aliyah.m says
Sat 13th Aug 11@07:06 am

Do you know why تفتح is 'open' in the first sentence and تفك is 'you open' in the last line?

Seems like this word تفك is missing the roots of فتح.....whats going on?
Carrot02 says
Sun 4th Nov 12@04:14 am

I really enjoy your instructional podcasts. The vocabulary is well selected and clearly presented. Very helpful.
leahc says
Mon 16th Sep 13@09:35 pm

It won't play for me :(
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