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Video - Love on Air

December 27th, 2011 5 Comments
Love is in the air in this podcast as we teach you the Arabic from a chat show where the host gets an embarrassing confession from one of the viewers. Tune in to find out what happened!

Darby says
Wed 28th Dec 11@01:37 am

This is shameful for her to ring the show like this...but WOW, what an interesting lesson for us students as it is full of great dialect. Thanks for keeping site content interesting and useful, much appreciated.

plop says
Wed 4th Jan 12@06:38 am

very interesting - this is the kind of exercises that help a lot in getting used to the every day language - keep doing this please -
thanks a lot
jenkki says
Tue 10th Jan 12@01:01 pm

What actually happened? Did the talk show host guy decide to take this caller as a second wife?
Moshaya says
Tue 10th Jan 12@07:47 pm

@jenkki, not sure what happened after the call, but I doubt he married her! I think he probably thought she's a bit wacko...
muneer111 says
Wed 25th Jan 12@08:56 pm

very informative......
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