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Video - Shop Catalogue

May 10th, 2012 10 Comments
We go through a number of adverts taken from an Arabic shop catalogue and teach you the language involved. Enjoy!

Fri 11th May 12@08:01 pm

Excellent, excellent, excellent! Would it be possible for you to do a videocast about typical TV commercials sometime? Thank you and keep up the great work.
Moshaya says
Fri 11th May 12@11:12 pm

@KarenFaucheux, not a bad idea. We'll try to do a video on TV commercials one day.
jenkki says
Sun 10th Jun 12@12:39 pm

اشتريت شيء ما في دبي يا محمد؟ عندما كنت حناك أنا اشتريت كمبيوتر محمول جديد مع لوحة عربية. كان الثمن افضل بكثير من الثمن في فنلاندا...
Moshaya says
Sun 10th Jun 12@08:43 pm

اشتريت كتب. كنت اريد ان اشتري الايباد الجديد لكن سعرها كانت نفس سعر بريطانياولذلك قررت ان اشتريها في بريطانيا
Shamsayn says
Thu 21st Jun 12@12:41 pm

A lot of useful vocabulary here! Very nice.
xnads says
Fri 5th Oct 12@12:29 pm

very good! wink
tomest05 says
Thu 26th Sep 13@03:38 am

Video appears to be down here. I am using an iPad is that the reason? I think it would be great to analyze Arabic magazine, political, or business ads for lesson!
Moshaya says
Sun 6th Oct 13@10:40 am

@tomest05, on devices such as the iPad, you need to wait for quite a while for the video to load, maybe about 60 seconds. Since the compressed flash format is not supported on the iPad, the highest definition larger videos are loaded on there instead, which takes more time to load.
chazyouwin says
Thu 10th Apr 14@01:13 pm

Wonderful video. Nice to go back after a year or so and see that you now comprehend much more than you did before.
fardowsa says
Wed 7th May 14@07:57 pm

i will be new student here.... i hope tooo learn arabic... fardowsa from Dennark
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