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Video - Flight commentary

June 1st, 2008 9 Comments
Sit back, relax and enjoy the various clips in this podcast, where there are plenty of useful expressions to feed your Arabic loving brain! The clips range from on flight to the park to riding a boat, so do join us.

Nadia_123 says
Sun 13th Jul 08@11:33 pm

amwot says
Fri 18th Jul 08@07:57 pm

very nice
tomest05 says
Fri 12th Sep 08@03:04 am

well done! I like the music in the background! Very relaxing!

Great video cutting!
hashim900 says
Thu 11th Dec 08@06:06 pm

Wonderful!!! It really worked
Thanks a lot grin
Tue 13th Jan 09@04:53 pm

tmuzi says
Tue 16th Jun 09@04:45 am

Assalam u Alikum, Its very good clip but, i wanted to know that how should i say things like "when the flight will take off?", "Is our destination closer now?", "Do you have lemon or orange juice please?" "whats the name of that sea down there?", ... any way i hope to learn all these thank you
Phillipa says
Mon 14th Sep 09@09:16 pm

cool. The first time I heard Arabic spoken was aboard Royal Air maroc, to Casablanca. Whatever the hostess said there in her welcoming speech put into me the first thoughts about learning Arabic.

You can imagine how this podcast reminds me of then.

Please give me a whole transcript of the welcoming speech aboard an airplane, in Arabic.

Thanks you all
You are a wonderful community.
Desmond says
Mon 22nd Feb 10@09:06 pm

The dreamy background music sounds lovely. Perhaps the song might be presented in a podcast.
ifthi says
Mon 11th Jul 16@08:05 am

Inadvertently there are two mistakes in the translation to English
نحن جالسون I think is correctly we were and not we are متعب is tired
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