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May 31st, 2011 8 comments
Trying to explain something to a group of people can be quite difficult especially if there is the usual joker among them who doesn't take everything seriously! Knowing how to explain an important topic is useful and is something you can learn by listening to this lesson.

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Tue 31st May 11@05:57 pm

excellent work guys so much to learn in way of colloquial language may Allah reward you for your sincere work.

في امان الله
vinod says chat
Tue 31st May 11@09:22 pm

اختبأَ / يختبئ (i7’taba'a / ya7’tabi') (= to hide oneself) (root خ ب ء) is conjugated similar to ابتدأَ / يبتدئ (ibtada'a / yabtadi') (= to begin, to start) (root ب د ء). Both are form 8 verbs with ء (hamza) as the third root letter.
aliyah.m says chat
Wed 1st Jun 11@12:14 am

great info @ Vin
Umar2011 says chat
Tue 26th Jul 11@05:52 pm

Masha ALLAH....
Its a very good site for learning Arabic in the true sense. You read the Transcript and can listen the proper pronunciation as well.Congrats to all the team members for maintaining such a nice site.....
unurallah says chat
Mon 2nd Jan 12@08:53 pm

beautiful been looking for this for some time i would like to subscribe as a full member but do not have a credit card what can i do
Arabic83 says chat
Thu 4th Apr 13@01:35 pm

Hello, there seems to be a problem with the Mp3 file. Please can someone have a look. Thanks.
Ehab says chat
Thu 4th Apr 13@10:15 pm

Arabic83, try again, I just played the lesson in the page and everything was fine.
Tue 30th Jul 13@10:11 am

This seems to be a little bit difficult for a beginner lesson. I'll try to listen to it anyway.
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