Beginner - Spending the holiday

July 12th, 2011 6 comments
Many of us go abroad during the summer holidays; to escape a particular kind of weather, visit family or just to have some fun. We teach you how to have a basic conversation on the topic of holidays in this podcast.

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ilyassaeed says chat
Tue 12th Jul 11@11:20 am

very nice lesson
micurtis says chat
Tue 19th Jul 11@05:57 am

سأبقى في لندن هذه ديسمبر إن شاء الله!
mamama says chat
Tue 26th Jul 11@06:40 am

Hello,I'm Arabic native.I'd like to exchange Arabic-English with you.My Skype
Tammy says chat
Tue 18th Oct 11@04:22 pm

I love this site, iam english learning arabic for first time at univeristy and i tel u I love ur podcasts. n the arabic sounds like magicccc <3 grin
Tammy says chat
Tue 18th Oct 11@04:23 pm

shukran 4 ur podcasts !!! its so helpful. inshallah.
Kurumi says chat
Wed 12th Dec 12@08:27 am


هذاالدرس ممتتااز جدآ
I like every lesson,but this one is particularly helpful.The difference between 'sa'and 'saufa',how to change'ة',and so forth.Explanations are simple and clear.Many things clicked after I went through this.
Ehab,even though I already know some of these rules,repetation always helps me to understand deeply.Please do that again.I started listening the podcasts randomly,so new learners might do the same thing.I always appriciate your hard work.

A word 'balady' remind me Libyan new national anthem'Ya Belady'.I like it so much.

سأقضي عيدرأس السنتي مع عاألتي في اليابان
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Spending the holiday
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