Beginner - Have no choice

July 19th, 2011 9 comments
There is a phrase in Arabic widely used in the street to mean 'whether you like it or not'. Sometimes saying it issues a statement of challenge. We teach you this phrase along with a lot more high frequency vocabulary so don't miss this lesson!

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jenkki says chat
Tue 19th Jul 11@01:54 pm

Mohammed, my Dad just told me that this dialog sounds like it's Khalijee Arabic. I guess that must mean that it was probably you who wrote it?
Moshaya says chat
Tue 19th Jul 11@02:10 pm

Hey Jenkki,

نعم أنا الذي كتبته
Na3am anaa allad'y katabtahu
Yes, I'm the one who wrote it grin

Btw, for those who don't know, khaleej in Arabic means gulf. Although, this dialect sounds khaleeji, the vocabulary will be understood wherever.
ibrahimbao says chat
Wed 20th Jul 11@02:13 pm

It is my second time to browse the web.
I found some words in this lesson are not الفصحى.
I wonder if all of these lessons spoken in dialects more than official Arabic?
aliyah.m says chat
Tue 16th Aug 11@06:21 pm

Ibrahimo - From what I understand, the majority of the lessons are in official Arabic, and if colloquial is used, they will tell us, just like in this lesson.
omnafees says chat
Wed 8th Aug 12@11:31 pm

للمرأة نقول : غصب عنِّك ، صح ؟
Ehab says chat
Thu 9th Aug 12@02:04 am

نعم, صح
Sun 31st Mar 13@02:05 pm

Very useful lesson indeed!
I noticed you sometimes negate a verb with "ma" and sometimes with "laa". Is there a rule for that ?
Moshaya says chat
Mon 1st Apr 13@11:31 am

@gwenmartineau, we dedicated a lesson to negating. Please search the Lessons page for "negation" and you will find it. It should clarify the difference between Laa and Maa, but briefly Maa negates past tense verbs and also in colloquial can negate present tense verbs, but you cannot use Maa to mean don't as in "don't do this or that". Whereas Laa can be used to mean don't and it negates present tense verbs. A few examples:

لا تأكل
Laa Ta2kul
Don't eat

لا يحب
Laa yu7eb
He doesn't love

ما أكل
Maa akal
He didn't eat

ليش ما تأكل
Leesh maa ta2kul
Why aren't you eating

Let us know if you still have any questions after listening to the negation lesson.
Wed 3rd Apr 13@08:27 pm

No, it's quite clear now.
Thanks Mohammed.
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Have no choice
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