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October 4th, 2011 13 comments
In today's increasingly fast-moving world, some people have found it necessary to have naps at unusual times to help boost the body's required energy to go that extra mile. We teach you how to say you're taking a nap among other useful phrases around the subject.

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vinod says chat
Tue 4th Oct 11@05:16 pm

مستعدّ لـ
musta3idd li
= prepared for, ready for

(But in the pdf transcript, the meaning is given as 'tired')

It is the active participle of Form 10 doubled verb -
استعدّ لـ / تستعدّ لـ
ista3adda li / yasta3iddu li
= to be ready for, to stand by, to be prepared for

And the verbal noun is -
= readiness, willingness, preparedness

vinod says chat
Tue 4th Oct 11@05:20 pm

Sorry for the spelling mistake in my previous comment -
استعدّ لـ / يستعدّ لـ
ista3adda li / yasta3iddu li

Desmond says chat
Tue 4th Oct 11@08:44 pm

Vinod knows a lot about Arabic grammar, and he is very precise. That's why I like his comments.
Kawzy says chat
Tue 4th Oct 11@11:04 pm

Ahh this lesson is awesome. And soo relevant to me as I am a big "napper".
Carmouna says chat
Wed 5th Oct 11@05:41 am

Ohh I miss having acces to the pdf transcript!
:(, ana ma aendi credit card, can I pay with a debit one?
Moshaya says chat
Wed 5th Oct 11@05:59 pm

@Carmouna, check your PayPal account. I think you can setup your debit card for payment in there...
Kawzy says chat
Thu 6th Oct 11@04:00 am

How would I say, "..but I dont want to sleep til later"?
maasbar says chat
Fri 7th Oct 11@11:03 am

In Saudi my friends say قيلولة "gayloolah" for nap. Everyone in Saudi seems to take a nap after work. Including me grin grin
Ehab says chat
Fri 7th Oct 11@11:31 am

@Kawzy, to give the meaning explicitly, you can say: (لا أريد النوم حتى يتأخر الوقت - laa ureed annawm 7attaa yata2a7'ar alwaqt - (literally) I dont want to sleep till it is late). Hope that helps.
vinod says chat
Fri 7th Oct 11@11:43 am

قيلولة (qayloolah) (in Saudi accent, gayloolah)
= siesta, nap

The Form 1 verb for this word is – قال

It is interesting to note that in Arabic, قال , a Form 1 Hollow verb, can have TWO separate roots, with different meanings.

قال / يقيل
qaala / yaqeelu
= to take a midday nap
Root - ق ي ل

قال / يقول
qaala / yaqoolu
= to say
Root - ق و ل

musab says chat
Sun 4th Dec 11@03:06 am

great words, thanks arabic pod.
din says chat
Sat 24th Nov 12@01:23 pm

Dear Ehab and Muhammad

Please tell me i m confused about it ...

for female

ta3bana aw ta3bani and when how we can differentiate the words where we have to put i or a at the end ..
Moshaya says chat
Tue 27th Nov 12@09:09 am

@din, it's just ta3baanah and not ta3baani

Male - تعبان - Ta3baan - Tired
Female - تعبانة - Ta3baanah - Tired
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Taking a nap
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