Lower Intermediate - Extra weight

December 9th, 2011 9 comments
It can be quite stressful experience checking in luggage when travelling with a budget airline. If one is slightly overweight, he or she risks paying a fine or even leaving the bag behind! We teach you some useful vocabulary around this scenario.

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Fri 9th Dec 11@06:10 pm

Salaams. I am a new entrant, I subscribed only the day before yesterday. This lesson was excellent. I have taken only a basic subscription and I understand that I get to see the PDF transcription along with the basic subscription but I am not able to view the PDF transcription as the page is not opening. Could you please try and fix the problem. Thanks and Regards, Anees Azeez.
Moshaya says chat
Fri 9th Dec 11@08:51 pm

@fieldstarrealty, we just did a test and it seems to be working. Can you please try to right-click and do a save-as instead i.e. save it to your computer before attempting to open it, it should work.
plop says chat
Sat 10th Dec 11@07:42 am

if I'm right that word features also in the name of some months in the arabic calender ? if so what is the link?
plop says chat
Sat 10th Dec 11@07:59 am

orry for the question - I did check and discovered where my misconception came from - I did not realize there are many different calenders used in arab countries and on top of that you use also gregorian and islam calendar - impresive but complicated
Sat 10th Dec 11@10:27 am

I saved it on the computer before opening and it works. Thanks.
Sydney says chat
Sat 10th Dec 11@01:37 pm

كانون الاول ديسمبر و كانون الثاني يناير
The names of the Muslim Calendar for December & January with the Western Calendar equivalents, Persian has similar dual calendars, Chinese culture works off the lunar calendar, every year New Years falls either in late January or February, Meanwhile, Russian Orthodox Christmas is in the beginning of January...love culture and the confusing calendar stuff. this is the holiday season, we have Jewish and Christian celebrations...any Muslim holidays occur around here? Just curious.
Sat 10th Dec 11@04:20 pm

@Sydney, Well this year as far as I know there aren't any Muslim holidays that coincide with the Christmans season. There was a holiday because of 'Haj' about 4 weeks ago...
Sydney says chat
Sun 11th Dec 11@12:15 am

شكرا يا عاشقة عربية
Thanks Arabic Lover
berry says chat
Sun 11th Dec 11@08:44 am

ist das neue Islamische Hidschrijahr das nach dem islamischen Kalender am 26. November begonnen hat wir schreiben seit dem das Jahr 1433. Nach der Auswanderung. Hidschra ist ein denkwürdiges Ereignis der Muslime-----newyear just slipped by-
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