Intermediate - Mum invites you

December 20th, 2011 3 comments
Today you will hear a nice conversation between a couple where one is invited to the mother-in-law's for lunch. Is the invitee excited? Well you'll have to listen to the lesson to find out and learn some very useful Arabic vocabulary along the way.

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durruti says chat
Tue 27th Dec 11@02:48 pm

In the last sentence the speaker says أحببتها - why are there 2 ب in the verb? I am not very familiar with the conjugation of this verb, guess I don't have enough love in my life. oh oh
vinod says chat
Tue 27th Dec 11@08:27 pm


is a Form IV doubled verb.

In doubled verbs, second and third root letters are the same.

Before conjugating a Form IV doubled verb, figure out the conjugation of a Form IV regular verb first.

Pay particular attention to the presence or absence of VOWEL in the THIRD root letter of the REGULAR verb in the conjugated form.

If it is VOWELLESS, the corresponding conjugated form of the DOUBLED verb should be written with SEPARATE second and third root letters.

arsala – to send – Form IV regular verb – root - r s l

a7abba – to love – Form IV doubled verb – root - 7 b b

I sent – arsaltu – third root letter vowelless
I loved - a7babtu – second and third letters written separately

You are sending – tursilu - third root letter has a vowel
You are loving – tu7ibbu – second and third root letters written together with a shaddah.
durruti says chat
Wed 28th Dec 11@03:36 am

@Vinod - thank you as always for enlightening us with good grammar!!
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