Lower Intermediate - Beautiful tears

December 23rd, 2011 13 comments
Are there such things as beautiful tears? Well the hosts seem to think so. Today they teach you the Arabic in a lovely piece of poetry about a guy describing the beauty he sees when his beloved cries.

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linaferes says chat
Sat 24th Dec 11@04:28 pm

Hello, I don`t know this is the right place to ask, but I do have a problem with the Audio Transkript file. I can open them okay, but it cannot hear the Audio.
Any suggestions? Thanks
Moshaya says chat
Sat 24th Dec 11@04:37 pm

@linaferes, you need to download Adobe reader. It's free. If you're using a mac for example, it has its own pdf reader, but it doesn't support embedded audio, so you need to open these files with adobe reader.
Desmond says chat
Sat 24th Dec 11@08:09 pm

@ Ehab

How do you spell the last Arabic word you mentioned in the PLC?
Moshaya says chat
Sat 24th Dec 11@08:45 pm

@Desmond, It's
نواح - Nawaa7 - Lament/Grieve
plop says chat
Sun 25th Dec 11@07:27 am

and what about ipad - on my imac no problem but on my ipad I have the same problem- any clue ?
Moshaya says chat
Sun 25th Dec 11@11:28 am

@plop, at the moment adobe reader on the ipad don't support embedded multimedia. They might add support in the future or we'll try to accommodate this lack of support with something else.

There is an app in iTunes called 'ezPDF' that claims to support embedded multimedia but we have not tested it.
durruti says chat
Sun 25th Dec 11@05:56 pm

@plop and @Moshaya - ezPDF does work, at least for my iPod Touch! I was able to play the audio and hear once again the mellifluous tones of Ehab reading romantic poetry : )
Desmond says chat
Sun 25th Dec 11@07:51 pm

@ Mohamed

Thanks for the prompt reply. "Nuwaah" could be rendered as "lamentation" or "wailing", and "'aniin" (the other word Ehab mentioned in the PLC) could be translated as "moaning" or "groaning".
MattCope says chat
Tue 10th Jan 12@01:40 am

سلامات يا محمد وإحاب،

احسنت - استمتع بالبودكاستات كثيرا

.ولكن انا أواجه مشكلة

يعجبني ان تحميل عدد من بودكاستات في بداية الأسبوع.

فلا بد من ازور كل صفحة وأجعل لا أقل من ست 'كليتات' قبل ما يمكنني أسمع الى البودكاست في موبايلي.

هل يوجد أسهل طريقة لالوصول البودكاستات؟ هل يمكننا ان تحميلها في مجموعات؟

أشكركم على أى مساعدة،
MattCope says chat
Tue 10th Jan 12@02:22 pm

'كليكات' = 'كليتات' = clicks
Ehab says chat
Wed 11th Jan 12@08:29 pm

أهلاً MattCope
ما في مشكلة.إسخدم خدمة آر أس أس .. جرب هذه الوصلة:
و منها يمكنك أن تحصل على الدروس حال إصدارها.
MattCope says chat
Thu 12th Jan 12@03:15 am

يا إيهاب،

.ممتاز! هذا الوصلة التي كنت أبحث بها.

إذا أستطيع ان أقترح، إكتبوا تعليمات عن كيف وصول الى البودكاست على صفحة الاكتتاب. بصراحة، ابل لا جعله سهل للوصول بودكاست المشتري. مضيت 45 دقائق أبحث عن طريقة.

مرة ثانية، أشكر لكم لالبودكاست - إنه مفيد جد.

يعطيك العافية،
linaferes says chat
Thu 12th Jan 12@03:08 pm

Hello, I did download Adobe reader but it still doesn`t work. Now it tells me that my windows integrated Player of Adobe does not support that format??
Any suggestions?
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