Beginner - Mother's name

December 27th, 2011 7 comments
Some kids find it difficult to give an answer when asked about the mother's name. For the kid spent all of his life calling her 'mum', while the dad might have kept calling her 'honey' and everyone else calls her some other name!

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chazyouwin says chat
Wed 28th Dec 11@05:07 am

Is there a way to subscribe to the PLCs, dialogues, and transcripts? I get the podcasts downloaded through ITunes and the subscription, but must add the PLCs and dialogues manually (they categorize as "music"). BTW, listening to many PLCs and dialogues in a row is great practice.
Moshaya says chat
Thu 29th Dec 11@10:03 pm

@chazyouwin, we'll look into this option but I think going for it would make our iTunes feed look 'messy', as each content will need to be in its own item list. For example:

A podcast only feed
1. Beginner - Mother's name
2. Lower Intermediate - Beautiful tears
3. Intermediate - Mum invites you

An 'everything' feed will look like the following
1. Beginner - Mother's name
2. PDF Transcript for Mother's name
3. Audio Transcript for Mother's name
4. PLC for Mother's name
5. Lower Intermediate - Beautiful tears
6. PDF Transcript for Beautiful tears
6. Audio Transcript for Beautiful tears
7. PLC for Beautiful tears
8. Dialogue for Beautiful tears

So as you can see, the feed might look confusing. If Apple can manage to amend their system to allow additional content that will be listed as a 'subcategory' with each mp3 then it will make the feed look more reader friendly.
chazyouwin says chat
Sat 31st Dec 11@05:52 am

@ Moshaya - thanks for looking into this. If I received a feed like that everything feed, I'd be quite happy and I'd be able to get the .pdfs into the IPad quickly. I understand that others may find it confusing, so I staying as is is just fine. Kul 9am wa antum bi'7air!

chazyouwin says chat
Sat 31st Dec 11@05:54 am

Guess I mutilated that number translation. (What happened to editing feature?)
Moshaya says chat
Mon 23rd Jan 12@09:40 pm

@chazyouwin, You asked for it, we did it! Please check the latest article in Blog about the new RSS feed feature.
chazyouwin says chat
Tue 24th Jan 12@01:02 am

Guess there is not a "really like" button. I "really like" this feature!
chazyouwin says chat
Tue 24th Jan 12@01:28 am

Very slick. A couple of clicks to sign up and there's all the content. What will I do with all the extra time?
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