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January 17th, 2012 10 comments
Sometimes sellers resort to lying in order to get you to buy their products. If you think someone has fallen into this trap, then the vocabulary in today's lesson will be useful as you will learn how to alert the person on the suitability of the product.

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durruti says chat
Tue 17th Jan 12@11:53 pm

Look, it's David Byrne! : )
sabihak says chat
Fri 20th Jan 12@09:49 am

is من جد (for real)classical arabic? if its colloqial, how do you say 'for real/really' also, the word for to trick is خدع. however we have used ضحكوا عليك. doesnt that actually mean to laugh?
Moshaya says chat
Fri 20th Jan 12@11:56 am

@sabihak, من جد is colloquial, in classical you can say


ضحكوا عليك literally means 'they laughed on you', but in colloquial this phrase is often used to mean tricked or fooled
Zacheriya says chat
Fri 20th Jan 12@03:02 pm

I really wish there would be more MSA/fusha/proper Arabic and less colloquial :(
Darby says chat
Sat 21st Jan 12@01:40 am

I think there is a nice balance already between fusha and colloquial.
chazyouwin says chat
Sat 21st Jan 12@05:55 pm

I would guesstimate that 65-75% or more of the 460 or so podcasts have provided MSA/fusha and that probably meets the overall demand. Indeed, I was trying to get an Egyptian friend interested in this site for his teenage son, but when I played the podcast for him he said "we don't talk like that." He would rather be teaching his son Egyptian colloquial. That particular podcast happened to be in classical. I like the mix.
Isi says chat
Sat 21st Jan 12@07:41 pm

I would prefer more colloquial. Maybe 60% colloquial and 40% fusha.
Zacheriya says chat
Sat 21st Jan 12@07:46 pm

It'd be nice if the podcasts would be labelled MSA or colloquial at least, like some of the ones are labelled 'Levantine'.

Not requesting this out of lazinesss but with some of the podcasts its difficult to work out whether its all colloquial or just one particular word.
Moshaya says chat
Sat 21st Jan 12@09:23 pm

@Zacheriya, thanks for your suggestion. We'll work on it
Zacheriya says chat
Sat 21st Jan 12@10:05 pm

Thanks Moshaya!

I think its clear some people want colloquial whilst others want MSA, so keeping the two separate with labels would help clarify things a lot.
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