Beginner - Introducing a friend

February 14th, 2012 6 comments
If you're with two friends that don't know each other, then it would be useful to know a nice phrase to break the ice when introducing them. Today we're going to teach you exactly what to say in this situation, and we'll also teach you what to say if you want to introduce yourself to someone you'd like to know.

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Zacheriya says chat
Fri 17th Feb 12@11:02 pm

Thank you Mohammed and Ehab. Another useful lesson...
Habib69 says chat
Sat 25th Feb 12@12:10 am

I'm just trying this lesson. I think it's great.
UmMuthanna says chat
Tue 8th May 12@12:57 pm

Alhamdulillah i like this lesson very much. It woul be useful to know male and fem forms plz..
Sun 28th Jul 13@02:54 am

Salaam, 'ان اُعرّفك عليه' means 'that I introduce you to him', right? Then, how do you say 'that I introduce him to you' .
Moshaya says chat
Sun 28th Jul 13@10:30 am

@RajulunSaaleh, yes to the first question. To say the latter

ان أعرفه عليك

See how the pronouns work grin
Sun 28th Jul 13@01:20 pm

Aaa. فهمت .
شكرًا .
و جزاكم الله خيرًا .
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Introducing a friend
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