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Video - Alhambra

January 22nd, 2009 12 Comments
We take a trip to the “Red Fortress” in Granada which was once one of the residents of the Arab Muslim rulers of the city and is now considered one of the most visited attractions in the world. Watch the video more than once to get to grips with the many Arabic sentences and phrases taught along the way

sandrine says
Mon 2nd Mar 09@07:20 pm

congratulations smile i think ill learn arabic easyer with u two lol
amirul says
Sat 28th Mar 09@04:36 pm

tomest05 says
Mon 6th Apr 09@09:50 am

Awesome work, just noticed this one! The integration of media and language is just phenomenal!
riyas says
Mon 13th Apr 09@12:47 pm

please send me the tips i think itis really fantastic
sjsarfaraz says
Tue 14th Apr 09@03:28 pm

i have enjoy to learning with you . it is a really amazing one.
atif_82i says
Sun 17th May 09@06:05 pm

Very good website after a long time to learn Arabic.
nadasax says
Thu 28th May 09@08:34 am

great idea...such a good full integration...only sometimes just a little more care for production clarity...terrific concept!
almutazili says
Fri 21st Aug 09@11:55 pm

shukran jazilan for putting up this video.
انا احب قلعة الحمراء و انا احب الاندلس
salwa says
Fri 4th Sep 09@05:18 pm

شكرا! your videos are awesome! =)
Sun 20th Sep 09@04:34 pm

Just stumbled upon this. It is awesome. I learnt so much from the few simple sentences.
mora says
Mon 14th Dec 09@10:03 am

Mashallah! Que belleza! Very good way of teaching Arabic! I really enjoyed it! Im inlove with Andalucia! Muchas gracias Moshaya! Shukran jazilan!♥! أنا بحبك الأندلس
Mon 18th Jan 10@02:13 am

Just beautiful! I will have to print down the transcript and study that! The audio and subtitles went a bit fast for me (I'm a beginner)..but of course in regular conversation people do speak quickly. I shall have to get used to it at some point and there's no time like the present. Allah Yihmee'kom.
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