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Our lessons are split into 5 variety of levels to suit every learner and are usually different than the usual "school-type" lessons in the sense that they are fun and follow a "chat-show" style. Whether you're learning Arabic for cultural, educational, religious reasons or just for fun, you will find plenty of lessons to satisfy your taste.

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Beginner - Speak slowly
Lower Intermediate - Up to you
Intermediate - Busy on the weekend
Upper Intermediate - Pencil and the eraser
Advanced - المترادفات في اللغة العربية

Transcripts, exercises and other stuff with each lesson

Each lesson comes with an associated transcript that shows all the Arabic, English and pronunciation text of the words taught in the lessons, as well as the all important lesson notes. With the audio transcript, the Arabic text can played from within the transcript. The exercises will test your knowledge of the words, as well as your reading and writing skills. Finally, some lessons come with additional goodies such as downloadable images, documents, audios or videos.

Audio Transcripts
Other Additions


There are currently 26 videos to choose from and well be adding more of our own productions intermittingly.

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Educational Software and Games

We have designed first class games and software to help your learning needs. For example, there is a clock that you can turn the hands off, and it will teach you how to say the correct time in Arabic. From playing hangman in Arabic, to learning the pronunciation of all the Arabic letters and numbers, you will bound to find these useful and fun.

Audio Dictionary

Our dictionary is different to others on the web as you can hear the Arabic pronunciation and see example sentences and images relating to each word. There are also other useful features such as flashcards and a section where you can test your word knowledge.

A Large Community of Learners to Connect with

There are currently 7455 discussions to go through and thousands of learners to share common interests with.

Beginner Lessons are Free and All Other Content can Cost as Little as $6.25 a Month

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