Mohamed Moshaya
Brought up in a mixed background, Mohamed has been familiar with Arabic and English since childhood. He has a passion for learning and shares it through the lessons as one of the hosts.
Ehab Saleh
Having won many prizes in Arabic poetry, one of which he got first place in "Noor Al-Hussain Foundation Poetry Competition", Ehab shares his broad knowledge of Arabic throughout the lessons as the second host. His love and passion for teaching Arabic can easily be recognized in the podcasts.
Sierra Prasada
Sierra Prasada Millman's love for Arabic led to her living in Beirut, Lebanon and becoming a podcast host. She has completed the top class of Middlebury College's summer language intensive and is the author of the book, "Creative Lives: Portraits of Lebanese Artists" (Turning Point Books, 2009).
Elias Khayssi
Elias Khayssi enjoys teaching Arabic in person and as a podcast host. A native of Beirut, Lebanon, he's tutored students of all levels in MSA and Lebanese dialect for the last three years.
Mystery Guest
Occasionally mystery guests appear on the show. These guests either want to learn Arabic or they know Arabic already and are helping to teach it on the show. Our guests come from all walks of life. If you're enthusiastic about Arabic and want to be our mystery guest in a podcast then all you need to do is contact us!