These are some of the emails we received from our users!

From Isa on 17 November 2008
I really enjoyed listening to you guys totally different from the boring classes i enrolled int, i have been trying to learn Arabic for the past two years.

From Ana Luiza on 10 November 2008
Hi there! I hail from Brazil and despite the presence of a big lebanese community in my state it's hard to find a good course of arabic language in my area. Needless to say that I'm very grateful to you guys for allowing people around the globe to listen to your lessons and get to know more of the arabic language and culture. Keep up the great job, I love it! :-D

From Guilherme on 15 October 2008
My name is Guilherme and I'm from Brazil. Learning Arabic has always been a dream for me since I was a child. Now I could get to study it through your marvelous website. I've already told about it to all my friends and English students.
Thaks a lot and I apreciate your job.

From Sarah on 02 August 2008
Hi Ehab and Moshaya,
Asalaam 3alaykum!
I'm Sara from China.
First of all, I would show my gratitude to your excellent work. Once I studied basic Arabic in the gulf country and I forget bit by bit as time passes by. Then one day I came across your website by accident, she attracted me too much just by first glimpse. Oh, really wonderful! And I've downloaded all your lessons and they really help me a lot to pick up Arabic language again. I'll keep up my study and hope to get all kinds of notifications from your website time to time! God bless you!
Best Regards,

From behzod on 16 July 2008
Dear brothers, I am from Uzbekistan, I am based in Dubai. I've been trying to learn arabic for some time. I am a lower intermediate level student. I've checked the sample lessons on your website. I loved them. The way you teaching is brilliant, I am interestd to take your classes. I find your way of teaching arabic, very proper and modern and well structured. Whereas, I have attended several courses here in DUbai, and could not find a satisfactory one. EIther the teacher doesn't master the technique of teachin arabic grammar to non-arabs or they are too lazy to put it in an order.

From Paul on 02 May 2008
I just started studying Arabic a few weeks ago using Rosetta Stone and Ibought a book called Arabic "For Dummies." I am going to start taking Arabicclasses in about a month. In addition, I have listened to three of yourpodcasts and I am extremely impressed! Your presentation is fantastic. Youwork very well together. In particular I like how you introduce the dialogand slowly break it down and then you make interesting and relevantconnections to other Arabic words. I have learned a lot from your podcastsso far. I really like your positive attitudes. My understanding of Arabic isstill almost non-existent, but after listening to one of your podcasts I amgreatly enriched and learn new words every time. Lastly, I would say listening to your podcasts is like listening to somefriend talking and being invited to join their conversation. Yourinteractions are friendly, fun and easy going.Please continue making these valualbe podcast!
Paul :)

From Dennis on 31 March 2008
Mohamed and Ehab
Thanks guys
You don't know what a godsend you are. I am living in Saudi Arabia and havebeen trying to learn Arabic for 5 years. It has been almost impossible tofind a tutor. The men work all day and don't want to tutor and the woman can't. The instructors that I was able to find frankly couldn?t teach. Ireally enjoy your lessons and the Arabic-speakers at work have noticed myprogress. I?m at the intermediate level. I wish that you could translate afew more of Ehab?s explanations because sometimes I have problemsunderstanding the grammatical terms. And you're producing enough lessons that I am actually falling behind.
I'm normally pretty terse and not lavish with compliments; but you guys are doing an exceptional job. Well, I best go study.
Thanks again Dennis

From Tim on 06 December 2007
You guys are AWESOME! I cannot tell you how much more I have learned from your casts.... They beat the heck out of the Rosetta Stone....One more quick question.. PLEASE keep up the great work. I listen to your pod casts on my 2 hour drive to work, and people give me all kinds of strange looks as I talk and practice in my car...But it is worth it.... Shukran jazillan... And if you ever do a cast in the US, I would love to be a guest..That would be an honor... Thanks again for the stellar work....