Where do I begin?

May 1st, 2013 2 comments

Well done for taking the plunge to learn Arabic! After all, that's why you're here. You have chosen to learn one of the most popular and important languages of today. This article will not go through the reasons why Arabic is a popular choice to learn, but if you are interested, please view the clip here for some good reasons.


If you have done some research into this beautiful language, you might have heard about the various dialects available and the difficulty of the language. Arabic is not difficult! This is a misconception, often spread by people who have not even given it a try, this article explains why Arabic is not difficult.

Regarding the dialects... An article will follow explaining the dialects available and some advice on which one to choose. For now, simply delve into the podcasts and start learning. Familiarize yourself with the Arabic sounds and the basic rules. You will eventually learn that the differences between the major dialects are quite minor, and often comes down to slight variations in letter pronunciation.


We don't follow the traditional structural approach of a class. We put you at the deep end, similar to how a child learns. We encourage you to start listening to the beginner podcasts straight away, without worrying about structure. This approach has proven popular and very effective.

However, for those who would still rather start the learning process by being introduced to the basics first, can have a go at the following visual podcast on Arabic letter pronunciation.

Letter pronunciation

Kurumi says
Thu 24th Oct 13@12:56 pm

Thanks a lot for this new feature!

I was a complete newbie and just started listening to podcasts as many as possible. At first, differenciating each sound had been impossible. Then there was a time that I could hear some specific words, like greetings, subjective pronouns and so forth.. As Mohamed and Ehab say, we can learn Arabic like how a child learns. It is really fantastic! I enjoy not only studying Arabic but the conversations of our teachers and guests as well. I sometimes laugh out loud..
For me, the best moment is when there is a click and a new discover comes to me. Lately I began to check grammer rules more, so I often do research on the internet. But as a beginner, I highly recommend to start familializing with Arabic sounds and letters first.

junhash111 says
Thu 12th Dec 13@05:22 am

My name is Junaid, I have heard quite a few lesson podcasts. and i have learned a lot from these podcast. I am at lower intermediate level
I want to know one thing.
Arabic has Mazarey and Mazi.
how we differentiate b/w past indefinit and past continous...

i know we add sa with verb to make future tense. how we differentiate b/w future contnious and fuuture perfect.

any answers to this should also be forwarded to my email address hashmani@gmail.com

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