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For those who want to develop more sophisticated language and delve deeper into the intricacies of Arabic grammar, this level is ideal. The whole lesson is spoken in Arabic with English used occasionally for the more difficult vocabulary words.
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We delve into a news report article about the politics revolving war torn Syria. There is plenty of useful vocabulary to use in your political discussions with your mates so tune in.
We have an article today from BBC discussing the notion of forgetting names and why it happens. We will go through this article and teach you the very useful Arabic language that is used.
Some people like a busy working lifestyle with a lot of travel. In this podcast you will learn how to ask about someone’s dad who follows such a lifestyle. Get yourself busy and start learning some ...
Upper Intermediate - Modesty

Date: December 17th, 2015

Arabic is full of wise poetry and sayings. In today’s podcast we go through three sayings that make us ponder on our characters and the meanings of our lives. All in Arabic of course since this is i...
Fasting can be difficult, but for cooks it is challenging. They spend hours daily during Ramadan preparing food for people to break their fast on while fasting themselves. Tune in to learn some useful...
There is an annual festival in Egypt in which many people participate in eating an extremely salty fish called . Tune in to learn the Arabic and more about this festival in this news report that...
They say that mixing politics and science is a bit like mixing acid and sulphides: the result is often toxic. Perhaps that's why many scientists have been imprisoned in the past for political reasons....
Cleaning Big Ben is a major task requiring a specialist team, and due to it being cleaned recently, we bring you this podcast containing a monologue from BBC Arabic covering this event.
In the podcast, we cover an article explaining how to prepare a drink made of parsley and coriander in order to clean the kidneys from salts and poisonous sediments that can accumulate there. Tune in ...
Upper Intermediate - Floods

Date: February 3rd, 2014

Even in the most advanced of countries flooding can take place due to heavy rainfall. The result is often catastrophic, from broken homes to deaths. How do you explain such a scenario in Arabic? Tune ...
The hosts in today's podcast go through the Arabic in a news article about Nelson Mandela's passing. Expect to learn words such as icon an apartheid as part of his history is told.
Upper Intermediate - Naskh font

Date: November 30th, 2013

We conclude the series on Arabic fonts with the Naskh font. It is actually considered the most widely used font due to its predominant use in book and magazine publications as well as newspapers etc.